David Baker

For complete resume, contact:     Shirley Grant Management    201-692-1653
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’ 3.5”
Age Range 12-14
Black Dog, Red Dog Young Jason Rabbit Bandini Prod
Ezpizto & Co. Architects Edgar NYFA, Ivy Yu Prod.
Dir. Grant Dudley Brown
John3:16 Young John NYU student film
Dir: Daniel Buono
Back to Square One Kid Detective NYU student film
Dir. Kendall Haney
The Black List Boy "The Courier"
Zero Hour Young White Vincent, (recurring) ABC,
episode 106 dir. Jean de Segonzac
episode 110 dir. Ken Fink
30 Rock “Charlie Bit My Finger” NBC, episode 604
Jeff Richmond, Dir.
Saturday Night Live Young Paul Britain Photo shoot for NBC Skit
Discovery Promo Young Bear Grylls Wee Beastie
Discovery Channel
Celebrity Ghost Stories Child Actor, auditioning Bio Channel
Mickey Rooney story
Celebrity Ghost Stories 1900’s Ghost Boy Bio Channel
Mindy Cohn story
12-Hour Energy Puzzle Boy PM Sports
Music Video:
“I Was a Bomb” Lost Boy Silent Rider
Fortune Films, Jarret Egan
Dir. Philippe Grenade
“Heat Death” Little Brother SIMA
Dir. Jake Saner
Little Tuffs The Artful Dodger Eric Brown Theatre
Amelia DeMayo, Dir.
Kiss Me Kate/Anything Goes Fred/Petrucchio Eric Brown Theatre
Deborah Roberts Dir.
Acting: Renae Baker
Broadway Prep: Amelia DeMayo
Voice: Amelia De Mayo, Gulnara Mitzanova
Dance: Hip Hop: Omari @ Premiere Dance Thtre, Tap: Janine Molinari
Special Skills:
Academically strong student, strong reader, English accent, bike, swim, run, piano (3 years), skate board, scooter, pogo stick, zip line, good with animals, Boy Scout, comic timing, visual artist, can arch both eyebrows independently of the other.
David E. Baker David E. Baker David E. Baker